Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile adds gorgeous, intricate designs to any room, and is extremely versatile as well. Mosaic tiles can be made from stones like travertine, marble, real pebbles, glass, metal, porcelain and more, ensuring you can achieve any look you dream of. Glass mosaic tiles are especially useful for achieving a unique look because they come in many different colors, sizes and finishes.

Moscaic Designs

Mosaic designs consist of small pieces of marble, stone, glass, metal or other materials organized into either structured or irregular patterns. They come in a variety of colors and styles, from classic to contemporary. Mosaic tiles are easy to clean and come on sheets for easy installation.

Your interior design can easily extend into your kitchen so that your home becomes a warm and inviting space for guests. Pairing colorful mosaic tiles with the stain and color of your cabinets can help tie your kitchen design together. You can choose between subway tiles or colorful mosaic tiles that tie well together with your kitchen fixtures.

Mosaic tiles  not only work well in the shower and in your kitchen, but they also look great on your bathroom floor and wrapping up the walls. Colorful mosaic tiles for your bathroom can transform a simple space into a beautiful and relaxing oasis. If you are having trouble choosing the right mosaic tile, then you can always create a favorites list and order small amounts before you find the pattern and texture that is just right for your home.

Mosaic Tile Types and Uses

A common place you see mosaic tile in the home is the kitchen. A mosaic tile backsplash is more popular than ever and creates a bold statement. Kitchen mosaic tile is water and stain resistant and easy to clean. With minimal maintenance, they will look great for years to come.

Mosaic Tiles for the floor

Another common use for mosaic tile is for a floor. Mosaic tile floors are quickly rising in popularity due to the variety of looks available. You can start a floor pattern that is easily transferable to a wall, creating a seamless transition in a bathroom or shower. Mosaic tile is great on both the walls and tub surrounds of bathrooms as well. It is possible to create a bold and unique look on a smaller budget due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Mosaic tile helps to create everything from elegant, traditional masterpieces using ceramic or glass tiles to sleek, modern metal backsplashes and pebble-look fireplace surrounds. Mosaic tiles let you find the perfect look and feel for your home.

Mosaic Tiles in the Kitchen

Update your kitchen with beautiful mosaic tile, either as backsplash near your stove or stretching across the floor. Mosaic tiles are flat and square pieces of natural stone or glass that are pieced together to make a stunning interior decorating statement in your home. You can also use mosaic tiles in your shower or as flooring in your bathroom.

Create a calming or exciting feel in any room of your home by combining mosaic tiles of various patterns and colors. Mosaic tiles are simple to install and easy to clean, which makes them an affordable way to embellish your existing décor.

Mosaic Tiles in the Shower

A great place to incorporate mosaic tiles is into your shower design. Mosaic tiles can be water resistant and smooth to touch, which makes them the perfect surface to stand on while showering or bathing in water. The natural elements of the stone make you feel as though you are bathing in a natural waterfall and the vivacious colors help you start and end your day on the right foot.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic look beautiful in any room of your home, as they have a unique color and shine. Most glass mosaic tiles come in vibrant colors, which help to brighten up any room in your home. If you are looking to add a splash of color to your kitchen, then you can find mosaic tiles in various colors and piece them together for a unique and radiant design.

Mosaic Tile FAQ’s

What is the difference between mosaic tile and accent tile?
We often get questions about the difference between mosaic tile and accent tile. A mosaic is a decorative design or work of art made up of small materials (such as pieces of stone or glass) arranged to create a pattern or image.

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